Our Story

My name is Sarah Haley, and the cheerful guy in the photos is my son, Chase Haley. Chase was born in June of 2001, and he tragically took his own life on September 10th, 2022.

Chase was a highly successful and goal-oriented individual. He was well-liked, had numerous friends and girlfriends, played sports, and always held a job. His constant happiness was evident, and he went out of his way to bring joy to others.

When he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology at OU, it seemed like a natural choice. Chase had a genuine desire to help people, a sentiment he expressed more often than he shared. Three months shy of graduation, something went terribly wrong. To this day, his dad and I are without answers. Some say we'll never find them, warning that we'll drive ourselves crazy searching. Over the past year, I've questioned myself, wondering how I could have missed any signs. The truth is, there were none. Chase had no skeletons in his closet, no financial troubles, and no issues with drugs or alcohol. I know this because we've done everything in our power to uncover the "why."

What I've learned in this past year is that we are not alone in this heartbreaking situation. Importantly, Chase is not the only one who felt trapped and saw no way out. I've also noticed a lack of focus on prevention in the aftermath of suicides. This is unacceptable to me; we can do better. I am committed to doing everything I can to spare another parent the unbearable pain we carry and prevent others from experiencing the pain Chase concealed.

The Chase Haley Project will concentrate on prevention and the promotion of mental wellness. My goal is to break the stigma surrounding mental health, silencing the whispers that contribute to it. It's crucial that we talk openly to bring about change for our community. We have a unique opportunity to come together, ending this stigma collectively. No one should face these struggles alone; being alone with one's thoughts is a daunting place to be.

In Chase's final message to me, he apologized, stating that this was the only time he ever made a selfish decision, emphasizing his desire to help. That sentiment is entirely accurate. I simply want to continue what he started and prevent this tragedy from befalling another family.